Private Credit: A Timely Introduction

Our experience with alternative investments has us well-acquainted with the edge they can offer a portfolio, a concept we introduced in our first blog. This past year created an interesting economic backdrop which beckons us to dial in to one sub asset class in particular,…

By Toolbox

Alts and the Bell Curve

We often get asked why we use alternative investments and I like to think we have a simple and effective way of demonstrating our answer. Imagery is powerful teaching tool, so the bell curve lends itself nicely to our method. If you have never seen…

By QP Wealth Management

A Volatile Market: An Interesting Outlook for Alternative Investments

We founded QP Wealth Management just over a year ago with exceptional partners, a passionate foundation, and a belief in utilizing some commonly untapped resources. “QP” stands for qualified purchaser; a person who meets certain financial criteria that qualifies them to participate in alternative investments….

By QP Wealth Management